Could North Korea attack US from within?

What if the attack doesn’t need to come from Pyongyang?


8/18/17 – In 2015 I received some visions. I documented them in a journal for reference and so I could continue to pray over them. Two of them are connected to my thoughts today. Continue reading “Could North Korea attack US from within?”

Hillary’s mentors: Saul Alinsky and Senator Robert Byrd (D) WV

A look at Hillary Clinton’s mentors

Hillary Clinton_Huma Abedin

8/26/16 – In light of the, shall we say, interesting things Ms. Clinton is promulgating now, I felt a need to post a couple of mementos from Ms. Clinton’s life.  If you have believed Hillary Clinton, as I did once long ago, then you need to Continue reading “Hillary’s mentors: Saul Alinsky and Senator Robert Byrd (D) WV”