China’s Beast Prototype: Punishments begin May 1

Punishment of citizens with bad “social credit” to include bans on plane or train travel for up to one year with state policy, “Once untrustworthy, always restricted”

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Prophetic dream is warning to all pastors…and to the rest of us

The storm is closing in quickly; are you ready?


2/17/16 – (Z3 News)  This was posted on the 15th and is a clear warning to pastors in the U.S. but also to the rest of us.  The time has come to put down the remote and stop ignoring the warning signs.  Are you ready? Continue reading “Prophetic dream is warning to all pastors…and to the rest of us”

Obama wants to rule the world

Obama seeks U.N. position of Secretary General – Kuwaiti news reports


1/9/16 – This did not surprise me when it came across the news wires.  If the story is true, we have something to be very concerned about.  Since the Clinton’s have wanted to rule the world for a very long time, I wonder what fireworks are taking place behind the scenes?  Obviously, this could have great prophetic significance. Continue reading “Obama wants to rule the world”