Saudi Prince Bombshell: Palestinians must “accept peace or shut up!”

Audience members “literally fell off their chairs.”

Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman MBS

4/30/18 – Zero Hedge reports: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) issued a stunning and unprecedented rebuke to Palestinian leadership while speaking to US Jewish groups in the midst of Continue reading “Saudi Prince Bombshell: Palestinians must “accept peace or shut up!””

Hillsong’s new music video, Peace; an analysis

Comments range from demonic to comforting; which is it?

Peace music video - white veiled female - 3 28 18

3/24/18 – Today a friend sent me a link to a video commentary on the new Hillsong music video, Peace, and asked my opinion. I think this needs some analysis so I will do my best to provide some clarity. Continue reading “Hillsong’s new music video, Peace; an analysis”