Obama Illegally Robbed Fannie/Freddie to Fund Obamacare!! MsM mute!

Obama diverted money from low-income housing to keep Obamacare alive; busted by judge in 2016


2/27/17 – (Dr. Jerome Corsi) Federal court litigation provides evidence the Obama administration illegally diverted taxpayer funds that had not been appropriated by Congress in an unconstitutional scheme to keep Obamacare from imploding. Continue reading “Obama Illegally Robbed Fannie/Freddie to Fund Obamacare!! MsM mute!”

Obama sets up ‘shadow government’ to sabotage Trump, says NY Post

“Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency.” – New York Post


2/14/17 – What many of us already knew, but was scoffed at by others we tried to inform, is now in mainstream headlines. We are at the most dangerous time in all of U.S. history. There IS a shadow government, Continue reading “Obama sets up ‘shadow government’ to sabotage Trump, says NY Post”

Obama expands his executive power beyond Earth

Order signed Thursday to prepare Fed to deal with space emergencies


10/14/16 – (USA Today) WASHINGTON — President Obama has expanded his use of executive power beyond bounds of earth, signing an executive order Thursday to prepare the federal government to deal with the effects of space weather events. Continue reading “Obama expands his executive power beyond Earth”

Report: Federal gvmt spends over $1 billion a year on PR; “full amount is not known”

Obama spends half-billion a year; feds spent $1 bill per year for a decade; an assault on public perception


10/7/16 – (RT)  The public relations industry can be baffling and a PR staffer’s job often vague, but the Obama administration doesn’t seem to mind, spending a half-billion dollars a year on the services. The federal government as a whole, however, dishes out a full billion. Continue reading “Report: Federal gvmt spends over $1 billion a year on PR; “full amount is not known””

Docs reveal White House coordination on Clinton emails; collusion

Obama aware of Clinton server in’15; coordinated with her staff on the matter


10/7/16 – (Breitbart, WSJ) Newly disclosed emails show top Obama administration officials were in close contact with Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign in early 2015 about the potential fallout from revelations that the former secretary of state used a private email server. Continue reading “Docs reveal White House coordination on Clinton emails; collusion”

Russia says: direct military conflict with the US

Russia compares Syria standoff to Cuban Missile Crisis

Russian President Putin visits China, Day 210/5/16 – The threat of war is deafeningly loud; the US isn’t backing down so far.  Newspapers around the world have been voicing ‘third world war’ fears as tensions continue to rise between US and Russia over Syria. Continue reading “Russia says: direct military conflict with the US”

A world under the spell of madmen

What set up the current stand off between Russia and the US?  Must hear broadcast.


10/5/16 –  This TruNews broadcast lays out the events that led us to this place where warmongers threaten us more than any time in modern history.  Please listen to this broadcast to have a clear picture of how we got here and just what we are facing. Continue reading “A world under the spell of madmen”

Pope likens Jesus to ISIS; calls on Europe to breed with migrants

In interview Pope makes shocking statements echoing Sheikh Muhammad Ayed

Pope_performing mass

5/18/16 – Pope Francis continues his campaign of all things One World Government by telling Europeans to breed with migrants due to declining birthrates.  He also stunned the Christian world by likening Jesus to ISIS, Continue reading “Pope likens Jesus to ISIS; calls on Europe to breed with migrants”