Assange destroys CIA, FBI & Fake News in epic tweet rant

Exposes bias and concocted journalist names spreading fake stories about him


5/6/17 – This is a great article by Jack Burns that publishes Assange’s tweets with all the article links. Given the fact that President Trump recently Continue reading “Assange destroys CIA, FBI & Fake News in epic tweet rant”

WiFi on Clinton plane cut: Accident or intentional?

How could this new FBI probe connect Weiner and Clinton?


10/30/16 – The day before Halloween, which is a holiday that Hillary certainly celebrates with her long-standing membership with witchcraft, we must ponder this strange connection, even though it will be uncomfortable. Continue reading “WiFi on Clinton plane cut: Accident or intentional?”

Obama implicated in Clinton email scandal

New FBI docs suggest Obama knew about her server contradicting his prior claims


9/24/16 – RT’s article on the newly released FBI documents further bolsters the claim that Clinton knew exactly what she was doing…and so did Obama.  Continue reading “Obama implicated in Clinton email scandal”