Just about everyone (unless you have your head under a rock!) is aware of the shocking chaos and violence that is boiling all around the world.  Therefore, it is very important to watch what is happening both around the world and here in the U.S.


Most people know that something is very wrong but they don’t know what to do or how to find the information they need.  And, most people I know don’t have the time it takes to sort through the mountains of news sources in efforts to find trustworthy sites and then to find the relevant news.  And that causes them additional stress.

As many of us began to realize several years ago, more than ever before you have to dig for the news that we really need to know because it is systematically kept out of the mainstream media (aka MSM).

I realized several years ago that I am one of the many Watchman on the Wall.  In an effort to make that connection for all the busy, concerned people in my life, I created and began sending a newsletter by email in August 2015.  I thought it would just be a small thing for my weekly study group.  But, it quickly began reaching a much wider audience.  A few friends began suggesting that it needed to be a blog or a website.

So, voila!

What is a Shofar Blast?

A shofar is translated in many English bibles as “trumpet”.  It is what is used to alert the people of impending danger and is the “trumpet” referred to in the book of Revelation.  So, a blast on a trumpet or shofar is the loud sound to get your attention, to alert you to a danger.

In just the few months I’ve had the site up, we have regular readers from 69 countries and counting.

My goal is to have a site that brings together important articles, video clips, audio interviews (and who knows what else may come up) that are important from a biblical Judeo-Christian perspective, in one place that will become one of your trusted sources of critical information in these very tenuous times.

I post links to the stories and interviews that you need to be aware of minus all the nonsense on other sites that wastes your time.

This is also a site that calls us to prayer: for situations and confrontations, the countries of the world and their leaders no matter now corrupt they may be.  And, for those being persecuted for their faith.  For Jews and Christians, the persecution is increasing at an alarming rate.

Please share this site with others.  And please support the ministries advertising here.  The time is so very short!


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