Temple of Baal to be erected in Times Square and Trafalgar Square in April

Reproductions of the temple’s entrance to go up in April

Temple of Baal_Palmyra Syria_razed by IS in 2015

3/30/16 – Yesterday the New York Times, CBN and other sources reported that reproductions of the temple’s entrance will be installed in both New York City and in Trafalgar Square in London.  The reason for this?  Supposedly it is an homage to the structure that was destroyed by ISIS in 2015. Continue reading “Temple of Baal to be erected in Times Square and Trafalgar Square in April”

Another child beheaded

Demonic killings continue around the world

web-taipei-suspect-reuters 3 29 16

3/29/16 – I struggle for words.  Another child, this time only three years old, has been beheaded in a sudden attack outside a subway station.  Both were girls.  Both beheaded.  Weeks apart.  The first in Moscow.  This incident was in Taipei. Continue reading “Another child beheaded”

Insanity at UN: UN names democratic Israel world’s top human rights violator

U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) condemns only one country for violating women’s rights anywhere on the planet – Israel

Human Rights Council 2016

3/29/16 – (FoxNews) According to the United Nations, the most evil country in the world today is Israel.  Continue reading “Insanity at UN: UN names democratic Israel world’s top human rights violator”

CIA chief John Brennen visits Moscow; meets with Russian officials

The CIA head also raised the question of the Syrian President Bashar Assad leaving power, Stevens reportedly said.

John Brennan_CIA Director_Moscow 3 28 16

3/28/16 – (RT News) The visit by CIA head John Brennan to Moscow this month was not a “secret” and was not linked to Russia’s withdrawal from Syria, a Foreign Ministry official has said, after the trip left the media somewhat confused. Continue reading “CIA chief John Brennen visits Moscow; meets with Russian officials”

Tears for Brussels, not for Pakistan

More silence from the White House regarding the Easter terror attacks against Christians


3/28/16 – During his two terms in office, the POTUS has grown to be completely consistent on two things: 1) defending or singing the praises of Islam, and 2) belittling or completely ignoring the suffering of Christians.  This past weekend’s attacks are no exception. Continue reading “Tears for Brussels, not for Pakistan”

Why are young Muslims being radicalized?

Dr. Nabeel Qureshi answers Fox News on radicalization and the roots of Islam


3/28/16 – This four minute video of Dr. Qureshi’s interview gets right to the heart of the matter regarding Islam’s roots, where the violence enters the story, and the way forward.  Dr. Qureshi was raised in a very devout Muslim family before finding Yeshua Jesus. Continue reading “Why are young Muslims being radicalized?”