The stats are in: the top posts for Shofar Blast in 2015

69 countries and nearly two-thousand views in just three months!  A New Years thank you to our readers.


12/30/15 – It’s been a great ride getting this site up thinking it was only for my Bible study group of about 20.  I had no idea that it would grow to reach 69 countries and that it would do so in such a short time with no advertising other than word of mouth and readers sharing the site with others. Continue reading “The stats are in: the top posts for Shofar Blast in 2015”

Pre- Mid- or Post-Trib? Confused?

This is not a salvation issue; don’t treat it as if it is.  Study to show thyself approved (2 Tim 2:15) and share your views with gentleness and respect.


12/29/15 – As far as Christians should be concerned, it should be about the truth of G_d’s word and not about egos or personal views.  So, when the subject of the rapture comes up we need to be able to share views without anger and disrespect: if you can’t do that, then you have a sin problem you need to repent of and take to the L_rd.  Continue reading “Pre- Mid- or Post-Trib? Confused?”

Freakish weather slamming the globe

Wildfires and tornadoes in December?  Two more major disasters hit the U.S.


12/28/15 – Wild weather continues to attack the earth and this month was a particularly potent example: historic flooding in the U.K. and in South America, tornadoes, fires, and blizzards across the U.S.

Widespread floods have forced nearly Continue reading “Freakish weather slamming the globe”

Berlin: Muslim men beat Christians for Christmas Eve fun

The Muslims asked the Christian men, “I am Muslim, what are you?” before beating the men


12/29/15 – InfoWars posted a story yesterday that on Christmas Eve, a group of Muslim men attacked a group of men outside a club after asking if they were Muslim, which they said they were not. Continue reading “Berlin: Muslim men beat Christians for Christmas Eve fun”

Did Pope say this is the last Christmas for humanity?

The claim states, “In a grim speech, the Pope said that the current chaotic state of the world marks the beginning of the “end times”

Pope Francis_Dec 2015

12/28/15 – I heard that the Pope had made these statements and rushed to vet the info.  My readers and my study group know that I do not waste anyone’s time with unverified rumors, so I needed to find the source of the story. Continue reading “Did Pope say this is the last Christmas for humanity?”

Did China just launch the Mark of the Beast? Mandatory by 2020.

As if further proof were needed Orwell’s dystopia is now upon us, China has now gamified obedience to the State

Chinas new Social Credit

12/22/15 –  A way to rate obedience and enthusiasm with the party line, complete with rewards and punishments, all tied together with purchase tracking and social shaming.  Book of Revelation, anyone? Continue reading “Did China just launch the Mark of the Beast? Mandatory by 2020.”

Mark Wahlberg teaching children sex-ed on the Ellen show???

‘Have you ever heard of whoopie? Doing the nasty? Get your freak on?’ 

Mark Whalburg teaches sex-ed on Ellen

12/22/15 – In an unbelievably inappropriate segment on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, described as “funny”, actor Mark Wahlberg sat down with young children to teach them about sex. Continue reading “Mark Wahlberg teaching children sex-ed on the Ellen show???”

The Paris Agreement: Blueprint to redesign the world order

Lord Christopher Monckton and Mark Morano break down the real meaning of the Paris Agreement

Lord Christopher Monckton_Mark Morano

The Paris Agreement is really a blueprint to redesign the World Order and implement Agenda 2030.

Lord Monckton, while in Paris, was not in the meetings as he was banned for life from all UN conferences as a result of his 40 second speech in 2012 at the UN Conference in Doha, Qatar.  Mark Morano was in attendance. Continue reading “The Paris Agreement: Blueprint to redesign the world order”